Intelligent Process Monitoring for the Industry and Critical Infrastructure

Monitor all your critical infrastructure and processes at a glance

Intelligent Process Monitoring and event management for industry and critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructure – in the shape of machinery, equipment and materials on company premises – needs protection and remote monitoring that is not just effective, but also cost-efficient at all times.These capabilities – the intelligent process automation functionalities offered by MOBOTIX devices – ensure operational safety and optimisation of workflows, while protecting both physical assets and data against any kind of threat.

Konica Minolta critical infrastructure solutions are all Internet of Things-enabled, to ensure intelligent process automation. 

The MOBOTIX systems offer temperature measurement to enhance monitoring of machinery at locations, your management and control options, and avoid risk of significant damage to your business, are robust and weatherproof for reliable and safe use outdoors, and Made in Germany for guaranteed high quality and reliability.



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So much more than a standard solution

MOBOTIX cameras can be used in a wide range of different ways at a modern organisation, and are renowned for their outstanding reliability. The cameras provide the ultimate in energy efficiency, and are incredibly accurate: just one camera can discreetly monitor a huge area with no blind spots. The MOBOTIX x6 cameras offer H.264 and ONVIF compatibility, and with PoE (Power over Ethernet) they have a maximum power consumption of 8W.

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VMS – for everything from a single source

The MOBOTIX Video Management System (VMS) is an intuitive and flexible MOBOTIX software solution for video management, video analysis and device control. The system requires no management server, and everything you need is built-in, so you don’t have to worry about installing new solutions.

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The perfect all-round package

We accompany you at every stage of the process, ensuring you are offered an all-embracing security solutions concept tailored to your organisation. Starting with a detailed consultation – including site survey and analysis – we address the specific needs of your company, optimising and enhancing your entire video infrastructure.A proper project management solution will include professional installation, followed by remote monitoring services to control IT infrastructure and network status, and maintenance to ensure trouble-free operation of your video security system.

The standalone solution you need

MOBOTIX devices offer a complete standalone solution that requires no additional infrastructure. Investing in this sort of commercial camera surveillance means you will not need to worry about separate supporting systems, software or a central server. Not only will it save you the time and energy you might otherwise spend searching for suitable elements; it is also a cost-effective, financially transparent choice and far more reliable than multi-element systems. All processes, such as event and alarm management, recording and image processing, are handled and completed inside the security camera.

MOBOTIX cameras are an outstanding improvement on whole image processing. The recordings are of superior quality, even when objects are moving quickly or in poor lighting. Thanks to the sharpness of the images provided, you can always see exactly what is happening on the premises. The high-quality imaging will let you pick up on details, while innovative motion detection ensures you know where to look. 

The MxActivity sensor will distinguish the wind or movement of birds from genuinely suspicious activity, reducing false alarms by anything up to 90%. You can automate the system’s response to detected activity quickly and easily, and configure it to open barriers to authorised cars and respond to a suspicious movement at a certain time of the day with an audio message. The options are endless; you simply tailor the numerous features of MOBOTIX commercial camera surveillance to your own individual requirements. It is your decision.



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Complete system

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Motion detection

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No central server necessary

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Scalable security solution

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Sophisticated analytics

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Two-way audio system

Intelligent Process Monitoring for the Industry and Critical Infrastructure

The intelligent use of Thermal Radiometry and event management allows us to reliably monitor temperature-critical processes and provide early warning.