Wearable Devices

Expand your human potential with wearable technology

Wearable Devices

Any modern business striving for success will be aware of the need to analyse its goals and the resources available to achieve them. By doing this, it becomes possible to identify the aspects which require improvement and discover any solutions that could provide the answer to these limitations.

One of the most common concerns for employers is staff efficiency, and the time needed to complete a task – whether that task be a small, seemingly insignificant activity, from completing a project design, to fixing an urgent machine failure. One thing is for certain; the more time you spend on a task, and the less efficient your employees are, and the higher your costs will be.

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Augmented Reality enables people to understand, manipulate and even predict the world around us, delivering greater value to business or the immediate environment. Discover how Konica Minolta’s business innovation centres (BIC) are designing solutions which act as an interface between the physical and digital worlds, so actions become seamless & without boundaries.

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Wearable Devices

Wearable Devices

A new world of information - right in front or your eyes

You can use wearable technology to your advantage. Whether your concerns include high staff training costs, limited options for tracking work productivity, difficulty in finding skilled industrial workers, long downtimes, or inefficiencies amongst your employees, wearable devices will help your team achieve tangible improvements. 

AIRe Lens smart glasses and other wearable devices and technologies let employees positioned around the world share their knowledge immediately, they don’t need to type a description of the problem, or risk mis-communication when doing so, as real-time vision and sound allow colleagues in different continents exchange information quickly, ensuring they are on the same page when sharing ideas, documentation and insights. Activate your employees’ creativity by letting them communicate and visualise their ideas – simultaneously reducing downtime and maintenance costs. 

Your business requires well-trained personnel if you want to continuously develop and improve. Providing real-time training sessions using wearables allows you resolve any shortages of well-trained and experienced specialists, and cut down the cost of training. Remote working is no longer an obstacle, as staff can attend training sessions regardless of their location and have the ability to share and communicate with other participants in the sessions. 

This enables professionals to do far more than before, by creating and managing content and enhancing digital information processing, whilst also changing the way those professionals perceive their workplace by helping them achieve their goals in an efficient and intuitive way.

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Contact us for further information

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If you think you might be interested in developing AR technology at your company, and would like to know more about its use in your environment, contact us today! A specialised team of our technical personnel will be happy to listen to your concerns, requirements and ideas, and help you to choose the solution best tailored to your company’s needs.

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Lépjen kapcsolatba velünk!

Interested in discovering how using wearable technology can make information visible for your organisation? Contact our team of experts today. Together, we can find the right solution for your needs.

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