Retail surveillance systems

Let our technology handle your security concerns – and show you the future

No blind spots in your security, sales strategy or marketing – with camera surveillance in retail

An all-round surveillance system that will transform the way you work

Konica Minolta Video Security Services can significantly improve your marketing, increase sales and make your store an overall better and more secure place. Do security issues distract you from focusing on the development of your company? Or are you interested in using IP surveillance cameras to make your infrastructure more secure? 

If you don’t trust your current surveillance set-up or would like to invest in a superior solution, Konica Minolta can now help you enjoy security and peace of mind when you close your shop each evening. Proprietary 360° hemispheric IP camera technology has the functionality to cover all your premises, while hemispheric processing offers enhanced video quality and resolution, ensuring you can spot those (often all-important) extra details. 

A modern IP camera doesn’t just help you prevent theft and provide evidence of suspicious behaviour, however – it can also be used as a means of generating hugely valuable data to improve your shop design and customer preferences. 

Both, you and the customers will love the discreet design of the video surveillance system, and the camera will teach you an enormous amount about the shopping habits of customers, actual and potential, so you can fine-tune your sales strategy to their preferences – and stay ahead of the retail game as well as secure!



Focus on what’s really important for your company – security and sales

Let our technology handle your security concerns! A reliable and effective MOBOTIX security infrastructure records everything you need, with no blind spots.

The 360° hemispheric IP camera technology lets you generate valuable data you can use to not only prevent theft and provide evidence of suspicious behaviour, but also to improve your shop design and customer preferences. The camera teaches you more about the habits of people visiting your shop, so you can fine-tune your sales strategy.

Used in the retail sector, a MOBOTIX surveillance camera solution offers a host of exciting benefits. The systems integrate business intelligence with video security, provide you with a modern IP video solution which acts both as a theft prevention measure and as video evidence, and always use clear, sharp imaging. MOBOTIX surveillance camera solutions are discreetly designed, and offer maximum coverage with the minimum number of cameras (use of ‘Hemispheric Technology’). Cyber-secured thanks to encrypted communication, the solutions are also the perfect business intelligence tool, showing you how to maximise your most effective sales activities and consequently profits at your stores. Embedded video analytics (heatmap/object counting/behavioural detection) is used in the solutions to provide business intelligence.

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So much more than a standard solution

MOBOTIX cameras can be used in a wide range of different ways at a modern organisation, and are renowned for their outstanding reliability. The cameras provide the ultimate in energy efficiency, and are incredibly accurate: a single camera can discreetly monitor a huge area with no blind spots.

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Everything from a single source

The intuitive and flexible software solutions offered with MOBOTIX camera surveillance are at the cutting-edge in today’s retail sector. A MOBOTIX software solution ensures you benefit from video management, video analysis and device control, and the Video Management System (VMS) means there is no need for a management server. Thanks to our solutions’ use of Embedded Video Analytics (object counting/heatmap/behavioural detection), all your video intelligence is analysed live and locally in the camera, ensuring there is no unnecessary traffic on your network.

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The perfect all-round package

In our Services package, we accompany you through every stage of the process, ensuring you are offered an all-embracing security solutions concept tailored to your organisation. Starting with a detailed consultation – including site survey and analysis – we address the specific needs of your company, including optimising and enhancing your entire video infrastructure. A proper project management solution includes professional installation, followed by remote monitoring services to control IT infrastructure and network status, and maintenance to ensure trouble-free operation of your video security system.

So much more than regular surveillance

A solution from Konica Minolta offers much more – so much more – than a regular surveillance camera. 

The solution doesn’t just record anything and everything going on at your store – its high-quality system and 360° vision also provides you with razor-sharp HD video covering the entire space. It offers a range of new functionalities that can be tailored to suit your business needs. Camera surveillance in retail will help you analyse the way your customers behave while in your retail space by recording the numbers of visitors and tracking their movements and activities. 

Do you sometimes wonder which aisle your customers use most? Where they spend the majority of their time? A MOBOTIX retail solution lets you study their purchasing behaviour, so you can take fact-based decisions and increase your sales exponentially. Transparent heat maps help you analyse shopping trends in moments. Regularly tracking these patterns also puts you in a position to reach more informed personnel decisions, so you can bring in more staff to cover peak purchasing times – keeping your customers happy, increasing sales, and saving you money. This is clearly a win-win-win situation. 

Konica Minolta Video Security Services will also help you improve your marketing. By taking decisions based on the video data generated by the system, your marketing team can see with their own eyes the effectiveness of display advertisements. They can easily optimise their marketing campaigns by analysing the factors that influence increased traffic in your store, such as time of the day, the weather or day of the week, and adjust their messages accordingly. 

Konica Minolta can significantly improve your marketing, increase sales and make your store a better, more secure place overall. 



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360° vision

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Analysis of customer behaviour

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Better staff planning

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High quality video

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Marketing optimisation

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Visitors counting

Video Security with Integrated Business Intelligence for Retailers

Integrated Point of Sale (POS) features, combined with on-board image and data analysis provide both security and value-added business intelligence.